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Social Selling Applications Go Corporate

When social networking applications started out over ten years ago, they were for individuals to communicate about their personal life. Individuals created networks of friends/connections/followers and shared posts about...more

Should we offer our lawyers marketing training?

Most marketers and marketing committee members routinely attend high-quality marketing programs. It’s so much a part of the job description that it can be hard to remember that most lawyers rarely get any sort of...more

Using Social Media to Reap Benefits, Not Liability

A simple search on Linked-In, Facebook, and Twitter reveals that social media is connected with the construction industry in significant ways. In one respect, a growing number of construction professionals intentionally...more

How LinkedIn Publishing Could Kill The Law Blog

For one brief, bright, shining moment in the history of mass human communication, everyone had the ability to talk to everyone else and no corporate gatekeeper was not in control. In that moment — after the mass media no...more

How Often Should You Share on LinkedIn?

Approximately 97% of lawyers never share on Linkedin. Some of them don’t even know the option to share articles exists. To share an update, you simply log into LinkedIn, and go to the top of the homepage. I sometimes show...more

Ideal Length for Everything: Research Backed

Let me start out by saying I was wrong — I’ve been wrong about things before. The new research coming out from on this post shows that we may be writing blog posts that aren’t quite long enough....more

What is LinkedIn? Not a stupid question

I’ve heard this question from two different highly successful partners at big law firms in the last month. What is LinkedIn? Isn’t it obvious? It’s a collection of professionals networked using a common website where they...more

No Need to Fear Profile Updates

During 2013, I spoke to thousands of lawyers across the United States, Canada and England about how to develop business using the professional social network I heard almost every question imaginable, but the one...more

How a Lawyer Can Start a Successful LinkedIn Group (Part 1 of 3)

While much has been written about how lawyers can have successful blogs, including two recent articles by us at Knapp (see Law Blog Best Practices and Five Ways Lawyers Screw up their Blogs), the truth is that some lawyers...more

Forrester Research: B2B Marketers Need to Be Scientific about LinkedIn

It’s time to get scientific about LinkedIn. Many marketers, maybe you included, think that the LinkedIn platform hasn’t reached the point where it should be measured by the same standards as “traditional” marketing...more

The 4 Types of LinkedIn Members

When it comes to LinkedIn, there are four kinds of people: Rockstars, Resumators, Rolodexers, and Reactors....more

LinkedIn for Sales and Marketing: Fairy Tale with a Happy Ending?

The New Belle of the Ball - For years, LinkedIn played the poor stepchild to flashier consumer social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Millions of people signed up for LinkedIn, but mostly they used it to find...more

Three Simple Ways to Connect

“Which button do I push on LinkedIn for business development?” The chief marketing officer of a major law firm described to me fielding this question recently. Originally published in The National Law Journal on May...more

The Lawyer’s Guide to the Perfect LinkedIn Status Update

As legal marketers, we know and love LinkedIn. More importantly, unlike Facebook, we don’t have to bribe our attorney clients to create LinkedIn profiles because it’s the preferred social network for business development for...more

Targeting your ideal client via LinkedIn

There used to be a time when layers of secretaries and executive assistants insulated decision-makers against strangers, including peddlers of services. It was hard to position yourself to meet and impress the boss. Social...more

2013 In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey

Mark 2013 as the year it became hard to find lawyers not using new media tools. The 2013 In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey offers ample evidence that social media tools have gone mainstream. As LinkedIn, blogs, and...more

How GCs Use Social Media to Hire Law Firms [Video]

April 18 (Bloomberg Law) -- A new survey from public relations firm Greentarget finds that in-house counsel are frequently using LinkedIn and lawyer blogs to determine who they will hire, John Corey, founding partner at...more

How To Get Clients With LinkedIn For Attorneys [Comprehensive Guide]

There are many reasons why lawyers and law firms should use LinkedIn. By using LinkedIn you can connect with potential clients through organic search, increase brand recognition, employ targeted pay per click advertising, and...more

Social networks do not deliver more leads than search engines

Social marketing is a popular topic on blogs, in lawyer magazines, and at conferences. This attention is certainly well deserved. Just look at the audience: Facebook – 1 billion+ users Google+ – 500 million+...more

How Lawyers Can Optimize Their Profile Feed On LinkedIn [Video]

In this video I show lawyers how to optimize their home profile feed on LinkedIn to reduce irrelevant comments so that they only receive the updates important to them....more

How To Join Relevant LinkedIn Groups For Lawyers And 6 Reasons Why You Should Join Them  [Video]

This is a video walk-through of how to join relevant LinkedIn groups to join for your law firm. It also includes 6 reasons why you should join LinkedIn Groups....more

How to Create A LinkedIn Group For Your Law Firm [Video]

This is a video walk through of how to create a LinkedIn group for your law firm. It is a step by step process. It also discusses why you should setup group rules and check your group settings to enable discussions from...more

How To Create A Personal Profile On LinkedIn For Lawyers [Video]

This is a step by step video tutorial on how to create a personal profile on LinkedIn for lawyers. It starts with the registration and continues with how to complete the profile. There are few important optimization tips...more

How To Create A LinkedIn Company Profile For Your Law Firm [Video]

This is a video tutorial of how to create a LinkedIn company profile for your law firm. It is a step by step process offering tips and suggestions a long the way. It also briefly describes some of the benefits of creating a...more

LinkedIn won’t help most lawyers

Originally published in The National Law Journal on March 4, 2013 In the movie Rudy, we get to know a young man with all the ambition in the world to play ­football for the University of Notre Dame. He is...more

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