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Reverse Tort Reform?

In a notable departure from other tort-reform movements in the country, one state may soon permit medical malpractice lawsuit plaintiffs to recover significantly more noneconomic damages in negligence cases and other...more

Medical Malpractice in California -- The Dirty Secret

The dirty little secret here is that the doctor (or his insurance company) will never even pay the $250,000 amount because they know that is the most damage that can be done to them at trial -- so why offer the innocent...more

Medical Malpractice Reform Being Considered In Georgia

Georgia adopted reforms of the tort laws regarding medical malpractice in 2005. However some doctors believe that these changes did not go far enough in addressing the issue of medical malpractice lawsuits in the state. They...more

Malpractice Proposal Is Justice Denied

A proposal under discussion in the South to dispense with juries in favor of a government agency to rule on medical malpractice is just the latest in a series of wrongheaded efforts to deprive victims of medical errors of...more

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