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SEC Brings Another Pyramid Scheme Action

Following the disclosure of the massive Madoff fraud, Ponzi scheme cases became a staple of SEC enforcement. More recently the agency seems to be focusing on another type of investment fraud scheme — pyramid schemes. At the...more

Introducing the New Multi-Level Marketing Governing Act

Taiwan had approximately 369 multi-level marketing (MLM) companies and a total of 3.09 million MLM participants as of December 31, 2012. Adjusting for people who participate in more than one MLM company, almost 12% of...more

Fill out the short survey to receive two free tickets (worth $345.00!) to the next MLM Startup Conference in Las Vegas! Launches the Innovation Campaign for the February 27th & 28th, 2014 MLM Startup Conference! Fill out the short survey here to receive two free tickets (worth $345.00!) to the next MLM Startup Conference in Las...more

Can I Pass the Costs of Website Development, Marketing Materials, Sales Kits, etc. Down to Consultants?

Generally, network marketing companies mandate an upfront sales kit cost, typically in the $49-$99 range. This is an at-cost fee for sales and marketing materials support. The reimbursement cost is passed on to distributors....more

How Do I Find Top Distributors?

This is the million dollar question. The need for capital is in inverse proportion to your ability to recruit. Your network marketing company will either have hired that talent or you will bring on a vice president of...more

Concerns about Merchant Account Processing: Should I Have Only One Merchant Account?

This is a question for a MLM startup or existing company as opposed to a MLM consultant. For distributors who drive customers to their replicated websites, the company has in place credit card processing capability. For a...more

MLM Executive Q&A: How can I determine cost of goods? How do I price my products for retail, distributor and direct-to-consumer...

Obviously, your cost of goods is calculated as your acquisition or manufacturing cost. The more frequent question involves pricing. Most MLM experts agree that you must have adequate margins to pay commissions and to make a...more

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