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Orphans' Court Update - The Fiduciary Exception to the Attorney Client Privilege

The Attorney Client Privilege is sacrosanct. It is the one privilege that Courts consistently uphold. So, it may surprise you to learn that there is a long-standing fiduciary exception to the attorney client privilege....more

Exceptions in Pennsylvania Orphans' Court Not Necessary to Preserve Weight-of-the-Evidence Claim on State-Court Appeal

In a unanimous en banc decision, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania held on November 12 in In re Estate of William O. Smaling, No. 3353 EDA 2011, that filing exceptions to a Pennsylvania Orphans’ Court order is not necessary...more

New and Revised Orphans' Court Rules to be Recommended

As part of an ongoing effort to standardize and clarify the rules that govern Orphans' Court practice, the Orphans' Court Procedural Rules Committee intends to recommend that the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania replace Orphans’...more

Orphans' Court Update - March 2013: Nonjudicial Settlement Agreements – Are They the Silver Bullet We All Thought They Were?

Do you remember the round of applause and cheers that went out across this great Commonwealth when Section 7710.1 was enacted? Finally, our legislature gave us a statute that made sense and could be broadly applied. Section...more

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