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Scrutinizing A Law Enforcement Officer's Tactical Decisions Before Using Deadly Force

BB&K Attorney Tamara Bogosian Anaylzes Recent Court Decisions That Call for Monday Morning Quarterbacking - The U.S. Supreme Court made clear in the 1989 landmark ruling of Graham v. Connor that hindsight was not the...more

Proving Police Brutality

We are confident that the vast majority of law enforcement officers throughout Wisconsin are hard-working, honest, and upright public servants dedicated to our protection and well-being. Some police officers, however, engage...more

When Police Use Excessive Force

The majority of law enforcement officers throughout Milwaukee and the rest of Wisconsin dedicate their lives to serving and protecting the public. But some officers abuse their power. Police use force regularly to subdue...more

Milwaukee Fire And Police Commission Considers New Use-Of-Force Policies

In recent years, there have been several high profile incidents where Milwaukee Police Department ("MPD") officers have used unreasonable and excessive force against citizens. Perhaps the most famous incident was the beating...more

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