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Preparing The Boss For Media Interviews

Smart executives and business owners know that a good public-relations program can build a brand and burnish a reputation. Good PR costs less than advertising and lends credibility to your organization, products, and...more

Retaliation by Traffic Jam? Ethics & Compliance Lessons from Bridgegate

Scandal roils around top aides to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie due to lane closures on the George Washington Bridge to New York City, resulting in four days of debilitating traffic jams. It’s a political issue at its...more

Leadership Matters: Be Careful What You Say – Just ask Lululemon

“Quite frankly, some women’s bodies just actually don’t work for (Lululemon pants).“ This is an example of what someone should not say to the media – but unfortunately, it was said....more

Want to Protect Your Brand? Focus on the Boss

Executives in key leadership positions can make or break a brand. It should be obvious, yet people forget that simple fact. Steve Jobs built Apple into the strong global brand that it is today. Meanwhile, one of Jobs’...more

The NFL’s Wholesome Image May Be M.I.A.

As we sit here today, with our cities laying in decay and the collective psyche of our nation’s children having been damaged beyond repair, we can surely point to the event that started it all: the time rap sort-of-star...more

The Wharton School Goes to Trademark Court to Protect Its Business Reputation

Earlier this week, Joseph N. DiStefano of reported that the University of Pennsylvania filed suit in federal district court to protect its well-known federally-registered rights in the WHARTON name and mark. (Hat...more

What To Do When The CEO Goes Rogue

In recent years, we’ve seen a number CEOs create problems for the companies they run with ill-timed tweets, ill-advised statements, or behavior unbecoming of their leadership roles....more

Communication for CRM Success Part 1: Effective, Ongoing Communication

Whether you are rolling out a new CRM system or trying to enhance the adoption or participation with your current system, effective communication is key. At most firms, you've really got to talk it up. In some firms, you may...more

7 Reasons to Increase Ethics & Compliance Program Communication and Awareness

For a compliance program to be truly successful, employees and leadership alike must know that it exists, understand it, support it, and live by it. Most successful programs involve increasing communication with employees in...more

Love is in the Air-Alaska Air

“Brands We Love” is mouths off about brands we really love,” brands changing the world, or those doing something to make customers or clients feel special, as only a great brand can. I had my own l “feel the love” brand...more

Levick Monthly - July 2013: 5 Rules For General Counsel In The Digital Age, Risks Abound, But So Do Opportunities

In This Issue: - COVER STORY ..5 Rules for General Counsel in the Digital Age - CORPORATE & REPUTATION ..Bangladesh and Beyond: Walt Disney’s Leadership - LITIGATION ..Who Really Ignited Obama’s...more

Gene Grabowski on Trade Associations [Video]

There are moments when one company’s crisis can potentially harm an entire industry. When many companies are affected by a problem, the best communications solution is often a single source of consistent and persuasive...more

Taking On The Internet For Your Client's Reputation

My cell phone rings at 6:30 on a Friday evening. It's the CEO of a client company and she is panicked. Hysterical. It turns out she was doing some "old-fashioned" investigating by performing Google searches on herself and the...more

Levick Weekly - March 8, 2013: Corporate Humor; Context Is Key

In This Issue: - Corporate Humor Context is Key - Cyber Security - Technology’s Impact on Reputation - Blogs Worth Following - LEVICK In the News - Excerpt from Corporate Humor, Context is...more

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