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Non-Parties And Electronic Discovery: Limiting The Scope And Cost Of Responding To Invasive Rule 45 Subpoenas

“[D]iscovery is by definition invasive [and] parties to a law suit must accept its travails as a natural concomitant of modern civil litigation.” But “[n]on parties have a different set of expectations” and discovery aimed at...more

Revisions to Federal Non-Party Subpoena Power (Rule 45): Streamlining and Simplifying Outdated Procedures, Effective December 1,...

For the first time since 1991, substantive changes have been made to the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure governing subpoenas effective December 1, 2013. There are five major revisions which were made in an attempt to...more

Analysis of Amendments to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 45 and 37

The Supreme Court of the United States has made significant amendments to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 45, which became effective on December 1, 2013. Rule 45 governs the form, issuance, service, enforcement of, compliance...more

The Streamlined Subpoena Power under Amended Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 45 – Effective December 1, 2013, Barring...

This year several proposed amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (“Civil Rules”) are under consideration. In a previous post, we highlighted the most recent proposed amendments to the Civil Rules which focus on...more

Changes to Rule 45 Federal Subpoena Procedure Effective December 1, 2013

Changes to the federal procedures governing subpoenas will become effective December 1, 2013, absent further Congressional action. Four key changes will be...more

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