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Seat Belt Offence Not “Absolute Liability”, Appeal Court Decides

A driver’s failure to wear a seat belt, which is an offence under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, is not an “absolute liability” offence. Rather, “due diligence” is an available defence, the Ontario Court of Appeal has...more

One step closer to safer children in Florida

Earlier this week, the Florida Senate Transportation Committee unanimously passed SB 518, which would require children between the ages of four and seven to be restrained in a booster seat while in a car. This is a big step...more

Victim’s Failure To Use Seat Belts Irrelevant To Driver’s Liability In New Jersey

New Jersey has historically left a question mark in car accident liability cases, one that pertains to “intervening cause.” ...more

Top 7 Reasons Seatbelt Nonuse Should be Admissible in Civil Cases

The current law in North Carolina is that evidence of failing to wear a seatbelt is inadmissible in any civil trial in NC. NCGS § 20-135.2A(d)....more

Click It Or Ticket

As more and more people hit the road for summer vacations, graduations or family outings, you may notice additional law enforcement agencies on the road enforcing seat belt safety laws....more

Types Of Automotive Defects

Auto accidents happen for a variety reasons, including speeding, tailgating, driver distraction and reckless driving. Yet what you might not realize is that car accidents are sometimes caused by vehicle manufacturers....more

Over Half Of Victims Killed In Alabama Crashes Not Buckled

It can feel like the list of various forms of negligence frequently cited in fatal wrecks in Alabama is endless: drunk drivers, drugged drivers, texting drivers, drowsy drivers, distracted drivers. Sometimes it feels like a...more

Seatbelt Use Reduces Injury and Protects San Diego Personal Injury Claims

While most people recognize the potential risk of not wearing a seatbelt when they are involved in a collision, they still choose not to buckle up. Seatbelts are exceptionally effective at reducing the severity of injury. If...more

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