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Short Wins - We Aren't Dead Edition

The Courts of Appeal have been more diligent in issuing opinions than we've been in posting them. Apologies. As those of you who do trial work can understand, sometimes it's really hard to do anything other than eat and sleep...more

2014 Brings New School Safety Laws

After seeing a flurry of school safety proposals in 2013, the year ended quietly, with only a handful of school safety bills enacted that will bring relatively modest change. Here is a summary of new school safety laws, which...more

BB&K Municipal & Public Safety Legal Alert: Court Holds Bans on Sex Offenders Entering Parks Without Permission Invalid

Court of Appeal Holds State Law Preempts Local Ordinances - Overview: A California Court of Appeal recently struck down a provision of the Irvine Municipal Code and an Orange County ordinance, both of which required...more

Who Has To Register On The Florida Sex Registry?

Florida has strict rules regarding registration of convicted sex offenders and predators. ...more

Short Wins - Forced Medication And Discovery Issues Edition

There's a great diversity of cases where defendants won in the federal circuit's last week....more

Penalties For Ohio Sex Offenders

Sentencing for sex offenders can vary widely – those incarcerated for Felony I rape in 2004, for example, were sentenced to an average of 11.4 years, while the most serious convictions can lead to life sentences....more

Short Wins - Public Defender Withdrawals Of Two Kinds

Last week was an active week in the federal appeals courts. Perhaps most interesting - especially to those who are concerned about the state of our federal public defenders - is the Second Circuit's opinion in United...more

From LOL To SOS: When Sexting Becomes A Crime

All teenagers make mistakes, but Florida’s Phillip Alpert will be paying for his youthful misstep for the rest of his life. Just after turning 18, Alpert sent out a naked photo of his 16-year-old girlfriend in a moment of...more

Short Wins - Day After St. Patrick's Day Edition

It's a good week for violent crime in the federal circuits - a robbery case from the First Circuit and an assault in Indian country winding up in the Ninth Circuit. And both resulted in a defendant-friendly remand. Go federal...more

Court Finds State Ban on Sex Offenders’ Use of Social Media Tramples Speech Rights

In a January 23, 2013, ruling, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit held that an Indiana law that prohibited most registered sex offenders from using social media websites was unconstitutional because it was “not...more

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