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IRS Makes Significant Changes to Innocent Spouse Relief

Under Internal Revenue Code (hereinafter “IRC” or “Code”) § 6013(d)(3), spouses who file joint tax returns are jointly and severally liable for all tax due and owing for the tax year, as well as any penalties or interest that...more

Expansion Of IRS Innocent Spouse Relief

On September 13th the IRS issued a new revenue procedure that significantly changes equitable innocent spouse relief. I have excerpted part of the article which discusses the significant changes. Originally...more

Notes for New Nuptials

When you make your wedding checklist, perhaps at the bottom you should consider how your marriage will affect your income taxes....more

Employment And Labor Law Alert: Minnesota's Same-Sex Marriage Law: Effects On Employers

On Tuesday, May 14, 2013, Governor Dayton signed into law a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in Minnesota (H.F. 1054 and S.F. 925), effective August 1, 2013....more

Taxes: Protect Yourself in Divorce

Married spouses who are in the process of seeking a divorce should think twice about filing a joint income tax return. That decision should not be made in haste. Although you can amend your income tax return to change your...more

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