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Wikipedia NOT liable for defamatory contents

The court of Rome (Italy) held that Wikipedia is not liable for defamatory contents published by its users in a case involving contents published on Wikipedia regarding an Italian lawyer and former politician Mr. Cesare...more

Dealing with Wikipedia Libel: Why a ‘Self-Help’ Remedy is Often the Best Solution

“The Internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom” - Jon Stewart - Wikipedia is a vast repository of knowledge and information that spans from the trivial to the practical, and includes everything in...more

Owning your online presence

Originally posted on The National Law Journal on February 14, 2013 “What if someone says something negative about me online?” This is probably the most common question lawyers ask me. The sad truth is that many lawyers...more

Get Your Facts Straight, Then Participate: How Communicators Should Approach Wikipedia

Wikipedia poses a challenge to the communications community as its popularity and perceived credibility have greatly increased. Recent high-profile incidents of organizations, including PR firms, misusing Wikipedia’s open...more

3 Keys to Crafting Your Law Firm’s Wikipedia Article

Wikipedia was launched 12 years ago and has become one of the most popular websites in the world. This collaborative online encyclopedia can enhance your firm’s brand and online presence, but it’s not about advertising or...more

2012 Greentarget In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey

In 2010, Greentarget’s In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey, the first research project of its type in the legal field, affirmed that client-side lawyers were beginning to dip their toes into the social media pool by...more

About SOPA…

What? Wikipedia is off-line? Please cue the other three horsemen of the apocalypse. It’s amazing what happens when Wikipedia decides to blackout its service to protest “legislation that could fatally damage the free...more

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