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2014 OIG Work Plan: Questionable Billing Patterns for Part B Services During Nursing Home Stays

The 2014 OIG Work Plan includes the following: Billing and Payments. We will identify questionable billing patterns associated with nursing homes and Medicare providers for Part B services provided to nursing home...more

2014 OIG Work Plan: Impact of Provider-Based Status on Medicare Billing

The 2014 OIG Work Plan includes the following: Policies and Practices. We will determine the impact of subordinate facilities in hospitals billing Medicare as being hospital based (provider based) and the extent to...more

OIG updated work plan delays completion dates

In its work plan updated as of January 21, 2014, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) for the Fed and CFPB has pushed back until this year the expected completion dates for several CFPB projects previously slated for...more

Under Construction - March 2013: Tips for Presenting, Analyzing and Resolving Delay and Impact Claims

Contractor and subcontractor claims seeking relief—time and often money—for impacts due to delay, acceleration, disruption and loss of productivity and/or efficiency are common, as are disputes arising from such claims that...more

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