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Plan Sponsors Need To Vet Any TPA Referral

One of the most important things that a plan sponsor needs to do is hire a third party administrator (TPA) to help them handle the day-to-day of plan administration, compliance testing, and annual Form 5500 filing. Yet most plan… more

Health Care E-Note - May 2018

There are many reasons providers wish to waive copays: financial hardship, professional courtesy, employee discounts, etc. All of these reasons would be appropriate for a client discount in almost any other industry (e.g., retail)… more

GDPR is Live

Whether you are ready or not, the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes live today, May 25, 2018. It will impact companies doing business in the United Kingdom (UK) and the EU as much as any other… more

GDPR is here: the dawning of a new era?

May 25, 2018. The sun rose as usual, the clocks did not stop, the sky did not go Armageddon-black, and, of course, GDPR became effective. Were you ready? Any loose ends? All GDPR-compliant contracts with processors in place? All… more

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