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Doping tests and privacy rights in Spain: a key court decision

No one can deny that, over the last decade, Spain has taken the fight against Sports’ doping networks very seriously. In 2006 and 2013, two demanding laws for the health protection of federated sportsmen and the prosecution...more

Advertising Law - May 2014

Schwarzenegger Sues Over Publicity Rights - The Governator has filed a $10 million suit alleging that Nevada-based Arnold Nutrition Group “brazenly stole[] and exploited” his likeness to market its products in...more

Heirs’ Right of Publicity

When I read about one of the recent “right of publicity” cases, I thought back to the Eighties and “Who Shot JR?” This is because Mary Crosby, as the character Kristin Shepard, was the one who shot JR in 1980 on the widely...more

“Hustlin’” to a Legal Victory: Rick Ross and the Right of Publicity

California gives you the right to profit from your own identity. But what if you assume somebody else’s? Rick Ross is famous for rapping about cocaine. Ricky D. Ross is famous for selling it. Ross (the cocaine...more

IP/Entertainment Law Weekly Case Update for Motion Picture Studios and Television Networks -- September 19, 2012

Table of Contents: - DiTocco v. Riordan - Second Circuit affirms district court’s dismissal of plaintiffs’ copyright claims, holding that defendants’ Percy Jackson book series was not substantially similar to...more

Invasion of Privacy Tort in Ontario - Implications for Entertainment Lawyers

The question of whether Ontario law recognizes a tort cause of action for invasion/breach of privacy has long been a contentious one - but it has finally been definitively settled in the affirmative. The Ontario Court of...more

Entertainment Litigation Update

In This Issue: Supreme Court Strikes Down Law Prohibiting Sale of Violent Video Games to Minors; The Hurt Locker; and In Re NCAA Student-Athlete Name. Supreme Court Strikes Down Law Prohibiting Sale of Violent Video...more

IP/Entertainment Law Weekly Case Update For Motion Picture Studios And Television Networks - June 16, 2011

Table of Contents •Smith v. Summit Entertainment LLC •Armstrong v. NBC Universal, Inc. Smith v. Summit Entertainment LLC, USDC ND Ohio, June 6, 2011 •District Court refuses to dismiss copyright owner’s claims for (1)...more

Former Student Athletes’ Right of Publicity and Antitrust Claims Will Proceed Against the NCAA and Electronic Arts

Closely watched class action lawsuits by former student athletes against the National Collegiate Athletic Association “NCAA”), its licensing arm, the Collegiate Licensing company (“CLC”), and the popular video game maker,...more

No Tort of Invasion of Privacy in Ontario

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently confirmed, in emphatic an unambiguous terms, that Ontario law does not recognize a common law tort of "invasion of privacy". In Jones v. Tsige, 2011 ONSC 1475, Whitaker J. framed...more

As Long as They Spell My Name Correctly: Truth, Fiction and Biopics

How much can real people be fictionalized in the movies? Two recent films make that point — The Social Network and All Good Things. Though these movies often blend truth and fiction, the legal implications that can result are...more

Publicity Rights State of Play

Eriq Gardner has published a simply excellent article in the ABA Journal: "What's In a Name?" explores the history, caselaw and controversies surrounding US "right of publicity" law. Publicity rights battles are growing...more

Life Story Rights - Some Considerations

Diane Krausz has posted a valuable item: Whose Life is it Anyway? Clearance of Life Story Rights in Film. The article is particularly interesting for her concise provision of this heuristic, which I think nicely articulates...more

Boxing Promoter Don King K.O.'d in Florida Appellate Court on Defamation Claims

ESPN, Inc. put legendary boxing promoter Don King down for the count this summer when a Florida appellate court upheld summary judgment in favor of the sports media giant on King's defamation claims in Don King Productions,...more

Manatt Represents Football Legend In Appeal Against Electronic Arts

Last week Manatt lawyers filed an opening brief in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of football legend Jim Brown. This opening salvo in Brown’s appeal was widely reported, including coverage in the New York Times...more

Intellectual Property - 2008 Winter Bulletin

In This Bulletin: *California's Amended Right of Publicity Statute (California Civil Code Section 3344.1) *Ethical Limits on Investigations in IP Litigation *Quick Updates Please see full bulletin for more...more

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