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Condominium And Homeowners Bills Enacted By The 2013 Florida Legislature

HB 73- Omnibus Legislation - This bill containing 74 pages is a "stripped down" version of a bill which passed the House last year but failed to obtain Senate approval. It contains a potpourri of changes to the...more

Proposition 218’s Ban On Tax Increases Without Voter Approval Does Not Apply To Annexations

In Citizens Association of Sunset Beach v. Orange County Local Agency Formation Commission (--- Cal.Rptr.3d ----, Cal.App. 4 Dist., October 5, 2012), a California Court of Appeal considered whether Proposition 218’s ban on...more

Condo Governance: Choosing the Right Board

Does it really matter who is elected to the board of directors? ABSOLUTELY! Electing the right directors to your condo’s board is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your investment and home. ...more

Distressed Condominium Relief Act Extended

On Friday, April 6, 2012, Governor Rick Scott signed HB 517 which contains a provision extending the Distressed Condominium Relief Act (Act) otherwise due to sunset July 1, 2012. The Act was adopted in 2010 as a way to...more

Court-Appointed administrators of Condo Corporations (Part One)

The Condominium Act provides that the affairs of the condominium corporation are to be managed by a board of directors elected by the owners. Should the owners become dissatisfied with board members or the way they manage the...more

Flags on Condominium Property

John Carmichael, Member of Parliament for Don Valley West recently introduced a private member's bill that prohibits any person to prevent the displaying of the national flag of Canada so long as the flag is displayed in a...more

The Provincial Election has Started: Attend a CCI-T Town Hall to discuss your condo issues with the candidates

The Ontario provincial election has officially commenced with election day on Thursday, October 6th. Everyone get out and vote!! For the condominium industry, this is an important election as there has never been so...more

Legal Update: Redevelopment Bills Challenged: CRA Files Lawsuit Challenging Redevelopment Bills By Basil "Bill" Shiber and JoAnne...

ABX1 26 and ABX1 27 were enacted by the State Legislature in late June as “trailer bills” to help implement the state budget bill. The purpose and effect of the bills is to reallocate tax revenue which would otherwise go to...more

Condominium Act Amendments- the Legislative Brief

Today is a big day for the condominium industry as the Joint ACMO and CCI (Toronto) Legislative Committee submitted its extensive Legislative Brief to the Ontario Government and all political parties. The Brief consists of...more

Freedom of Expression in Condos - Political Signage and Flags

Robin Sears, senior partner at the Toronto public affairs firm Navigator Ltd. and a former NDP strategist, feels that it is ones democratic right to display campaign signs, regardless of whether there are any restrictions in...more

Condo Canvassing

Another federal election has started which means we will start seeing door to door canvassing. How does this impact on condominium corporations? Can management or security prohibit those canvassers from entering the...more

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