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Coyle: Robert's SCOTUS Doesn't Respect Congress  [Video]

June 21 (Bloomberg Law) -- Marcia Coyle, Chief Washington Correspondent for The National Law Journal, talks with Bloomberg Law's Lee Pacchia about her new book entitled "The Roberts Court: The Struggle For The Constitution."...more

Three Point Shot - September 2012

In This Issue: - In Tennis Channel Carriage Dispute with Comcast, Ball is Now in Appeals Court - Crimson Tide Infringement Claims Turned Back by Artist's Fair Use Defense - Citius, Altius, Litigious: USOC,...more

Rush and Rush: Using Music in Political Activities (Redux)

News reports that Rush (the band) have demanded that Rush (the Limbaugh) desist from using the band's music in his radio broadcasts have re-raised an issue we have considered here at the Signal on few different occasions. The...more

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