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CWP 14597 of 2007

Judgement - Hookah/ Sheesha Bar Case

Putting an end to the abuse of Nicotine, thriving across Punjab and Haryana in the name of serving Hookah/ Sheesha/ Water-Pipe, the Punjab and Haryana High court has ordered closure of all such outlets besides creation of a...more

Many Happy (Consolidated) Returns or ‘Til “DIT” Do Us Part? Final Treasury Regulations Address Intercompany Items of Gain on...

On March 3, 2011, the Internal Revenue Service and Treasury issued final Treasury regulations that amend Treasury Regulation § 1.1502-13 with respect to the treatment of certain intercompany items of gain from transactions...more

California Proposition 65: A Toxic Solution for Toxic Torts

California's Proposition 65 is a law that can almost defy explanation, because when one tells the uninitiated how it operates and who is affected, the typical response runs along the lines of "You must be mistaken, nobody...more

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