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Bitcoin And The Silk Road

The advent of the Internet is not all positive – criminals like to use the Internet and they are very good at doing so. The same might be said for Bitcoin, the new raging virtual currency....more

Gaming licenses for suppliers to challenge the black market?

The Italian gambling regulator has now confirmed that they are considering to oblige also online game suppliers to hold an Italian remote gaming license in order to offer their games to Italian residents as a measure to fight...more

As if Beijing’s notorious Silk Market for fakes was not bad enough . . .

The infamous Silk Road Anonymous Market site is back in service, following a DDOS (“distributed denial of service”) attack on May 1, 2013. The Silk Road is sometimes referred to as “the Amazon or eBay of illegal drugs.”...more

Emerging: Crime exposed in the currency exchange industry

U.S. prosecutors have recently filed an indictment against the operators of the Costa Rica-based currency exchange, Liberty Reserve, accusing it of helping criminals around the world to launder more than US$ 6 billion. ...more

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