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Just Say No

We hear time and again from clients that lawyers make a dramatically positive impression when they are completely honest about both their strengths and their weaknesses. As one client advised outside counsel in an interview...more

Do You Use Social Media in Your Practice?  [Video]

Will social media help your law practice? How do clients find you? And how do you find referral sources? CEB asked attendees at the 2013 California State Bar Annual Meeting about their use of social media....more

Latest CFPB RESPA Enforcement Action Targets Employee Referrals

Last week, the CFPB announced its latest RESPA enforcement action, adding to one of the CFPB’s most active areas of enforcement. In this case, the CFPB required a New Jersey title company to pay $30,000 for allegedly paying...more

Keep Your Eye On the Ball: Begin 2014 With a Renewed Effort at Compliance

While most of the financial world has been focused on the new CFPB mortgage rules that went into effect on January 10, the Bureau has continued its enforcement activities in other areas. On January 16, 2013, the CFPB...more

Any relationship in the retirement plan business requires trust

Suppose someone you never met before comes up to you and asks whether they can stay at your house or someone you never heard of, all of a sudden wants to be your partner and best friend. Any business relationship and any...more

Sorry is the hardest word in this business, but the best word to calm tensions.

I referred work to an accountant I knew for a retirement plan audit. He did a terrible job and there are issues regarding his registration to do the work. Making a lousy referral is even worse than doing poor work of your own...more

The Cardinal Rules for Retirement Plan Providers

I have been an ERISA attorney for 14 years and while I took two retirement plan law courses while I was getting my tax LLM degree at Boston University School of Law, it never prepared me for my career as an ERISA attorney....more

Guest Posting and Legal SEO

Attorneys are always in the networking business; a good referral is worth more than any advertising campaign, and making the right connections can make or break a firm. ...more

Tune Up Sign 3: Low Referral Volume

You rarely receive referrals from peer attorneys or clients. What does this indicate? If true, this indicates the lack of a structured referral management program in the firm and training in how to request...more

The One Simple Secret That Leads to Rainmaking Success

For some time now I have been espousing the power of gifts (giving of your time, doing favors, making connections and sharing your knowledge) as a means to increasing referrals to you. But the key to producing proactive...more

The Best Way to Get Referrals, Part 3

This is the final installment in a three part series outlining an effective way to generate referrals from your network of contacts and clients....more

The Best way to Get Referrals, Part 2

This is the second installment in a three part series outlining an effective way to generate referrals from your network of contacts and clients....more

OIG Calls PODs "Inherently Suspect"

Making its most strongly worded statement to date, the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued a Special Fraud Alert on Physician-Owned Entities on March 26, 2013, calling...more

How Do I Get Better Leads?

The answer is simple. You don't go out and get better leads. Better leads come to you because you offer a valuable solution to a prospect's problem. Allow me to explain but first, let's clarify the hierarchy of lead quality....more

Don’t Waste Your Money On Legal Marketing

This is an important public service announcement if you are considering hiring a legal marketing company, agency or service to market your law firm....more

Legal Business Development: Referrals - Connect. Ask. Trust.

Building a network of referral sources isn't easy. In fact it's harder than passing the bar. Why would I say that? Because I see it every day... lawyers, bright and knowledgeable in their practice areas, that have few...more

The #1 Secret to Boosting Client Referrals and Retention

When it comes to communicating with clients, listening is often more important than talking. It is by listening that you learn what clients want, and then you can give it to them. Which makes for more referrals and better...more

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