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If a Tree Falls … Who Will be Listening?

I recently posed the following question to small-firm CPAs: If you become disabled or die tomorrow, what would happen to your accounting practice? If you haven’t planned for this possibility, the answer probably isn’t going...more

Succession Planning for CPAs

For most professionals, building their business into a successful enterprise has been their life’s work and is likely their most valuable asset, yet so many fail to plan for its future success and continuation. Most people...more

JAMS Global Construction Solutions -- Spring 2013

In This Issue: An Arbitrator’s Guide to Successfully Resolving eDiscovery Disputes; Ethics in International Arbitration; The 2012 International Arbitration Survey; and Notices & Events. Excerpt from An...more

Enhanced Protections for Whistleblowers Under the Dodd-Frank Act - The Responsibilities, Rights, and Risks of Reporting Fraud

CPAs play an important role in protecting investors, and their primary duty is to serve the public—that is, all “who rely on the objectivity and integrity of certified public accountants to maintain the orderly functioning of...more

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