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How Breathalyzer Tests Affects Your DUI Case in California

After you were pulled over and before you were formally arrested, an officer likely asked you to blow into a handheld Breathalyzer®, which is referred to as a preliminary alcohol screening device or PAS device. How you...more

Is It Possible To Beat A DUI Charge?

Believe it or not, beating a DUI charge is possible. However, you should realize that two factors greatly influence whether you are convicted for driving under the influence: the lawyer you hire and your behavior when police...more

New Jersey DUI Blood Sampling Law In Flux

The common police tactic of getting blood or urine samples from individuals suspected of driving under the influence (DUI) is currently in flux....more

Drink and Drive. Get Fired. Collect Unemployment Benefits? Yep, Says Court.

One day, your human resources manager comes to you. She tells you that an employee lost his commercial driver’s license because he was caught — off the job — driving drunk....more

Driving Under The Influence — Lowering The Limit

Despite intense efforts to reduce the number of drunk drivers on the road, driving while under the influence of alcohol causes many deaths and injuries across America each year....more

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