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Court Dismisses Foreign Banks from U.S. Lawsuit Alleging Complicity in Counterfeit and Illegal Online Drug Sales

The fight against sophisticated online schemes to sell counterfeit or otherwise illegal goods is being waged by increasingly focused efforts to identify responsible parties that may be sued in U.S. courts, and whose assets...more

Patent Watch: Brooks v. Dunlop Mfg. Inc.

Given Congress' legitimate concerns with respect to the cost and constitutionality of pending qui tam actions, we conclude that the retroactive application of amended § 292 to pending actions was a rational means of pursuing...more

“Willful Blindness” – New Standard For Induced Infringement

The Supreme Court recently affirmed the Federal Circuit’s decision that Pentalpha Enterprises, Ltd. (wholly owned subsidiary of Global-Tech Appliances, Inc.) induced infringement of SEB SA’s deep fryer patent. Global-Tech...more

Is The Sun About To Set On False Marking Trolls?

In response to a Federal Circuit ruling that raised the specter of enormous fines based on products marked with expired patents, a cottage industry has arisen to take advantage of this potential windfall. ...more

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