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Do Witness Interview Memoranda Deserve Opinion or Merely Fact Work Product Protection?: Part II

Last week's Privilege Point discussed Lance Armstrong's unsuccessful attempt to discover witness interview memoranda government agents prepared during their civil investigation of Armstrong's misdeeds. United States ex rel....more

Did You Lose the Job Before You Even Met Your Interviewer? (Tips for a successful interview)

You are ready for your interview. You have done your homework; checked the website and prepared some pertinent questions to ask. However, before stepping into your interview, consider the complex system of verbal and...more

Jon Lindsey, Founding Partner at Major Lindsey & Africa, Discusses His Juggling Hobby on @HsuUntied [Video]

Today, my guest is Jon Lindsey, one of the founding partners at Major Lindsey & Africa, who shares his juggling hobby with me. Borrowing from his skills as a two-string stunt kite flyer, Jon originally learned how to juggle...more

How PLI is Using Gamification in Continuing Legal Education  [Video]

Feb. 25, 2015 (Mimesis Law) -- Anita Shapiro, president elect for the Practicing Law Institute, talks with Lee Pacchia about her organization's mission to provide lawyers with continuing legal education programs and how it is...more

Paula Boggs, Former @Starbucks GC, Talks About Following Her Passion to be a Musician [Video]

Today, my special guest is Paula Boggs, a musician and former General Counsel of Starbucks. Despite her self-classification as the "quintessential reluctant lawyer," Paula has enjoyed a successful career as a government...more

Spotlight: Q&A with BuckleySandler’s Douglas F. Gansler, Former Attorney General of Maryland

On January 20, 2015, Douglas F. Gansler, former Attorney General of Maryland, joined BuckleySandler LLP as a Partner in the firm’s Washington, DC, office upon completion of his second term as Maryland Attorney General....more

Dr. Philippa “Pippa” Malmgren, Politics & Policy Advisor, Author, Talks with @HsuUntied  [Video]

Today, my special guest is Dr. Philippa “Pippa” Malmgren, a politics and policy advisor, who is the author of “Signals: the breakdown of the social contract and the rise of geopolitics.” Raised by a father who served in four...more

Q & A with Sarah Chayes: Author, “Thieves of State.” The ‘Odorless Gas’ of Corruption.

Today is part II of my interview with Sarah Chayes, Author, Thieves of State, Why Corruption: Threatens Global Security. This week I am particularly excited about my post, as on Tuesday, February 10th, I will have the...more

Alumni Profile: Joan Lucas, the General Counsel of Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University received national attention on the football field this year. Amy Champagne recently sat down with Baker Donelson Alum Joan Lucas, the General Counsel of Mississippi State University, to talk about...more

Kelly Perdew (@KPerdew), Entrepreneur, Author, Apprentice Winner, Talks w/ @HsuUntied [Video]

Today, my guest is Kelly Perdew, entrepreneur, investor, advisor, author and winner of The Apprentice 2. A graduate of West Point and former Army Ranger, Kelly decided to start a company after law school and eventually won...more

Never Let Them See You Coming—Keys to Setting Up Witnesses Interviews In An Internal Investigation

“So you are the great lawyer I’ve been told about!  But, you are so young!  I was expecting an old lawyer.” With those words, the silver-haired senior-level executive of the customs broker I was investigating for bribery let...more

Khiara Bridges, Law Professor at @BU_Law, Talks Ballet on @HsuUntied [Video]

Today, my guest is Khiara Bridges, Associate Professor of Law and Anthropology at Boston University School of Law, who is a classically trained ballet dancer. Khiara started dancing at the age of 3, but unlike most people,...more

Drew Shoals Discusses His Transition from Lawyer to Drummer for the Band @Train [Video]

Today, with the help of my 12 year old daughter Emma, we interview Drew Shoals, the drummer for the Grammy Award winning band, Train. Drew had previously played with the lead singer of Train, Pat Monahan, prior to going to...more

Wayne Brown, Deputy GC of @QuestDX, Discusses His Life as a Tournament Chess Player [Video]

Today, my guest is Wayne Brown, Deputy General Counsel and Chief Intellectual Property Officer at Quest Diagnostics, who is a tournament chess player. Wayne has a chess rating of "Expert" (top 5-10% of all tournament...more

Prince George’s County “Bans the Box”

Add another locality to the growing list that have “banned the box” for private employers. Starting January 20, 2015, employers with at least twenty-five full-time employees in Prince George’s County (MD) can no longer ask...more

What does a telephone interview with a Social Security claims representative involve?

For people seeking Social Security Disability benefits, a telephone interview is often the most convenient or physically feasible option. However, many Illinois applicants do not know what to expect from this interview....more

Minority Powerbrokers Q&A: Bradley Arant's Hope Cannon

Hope Thai Cannon is a partner with Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP in Birmingham, Alabama. She is licensed in Florida, Alabama and Texas, and actively litigates cases in all three states, focusing primarily on Florida and...more

Sean Patrick Butler, GC at @Meraki, Talks w/ @HsuUntied About His Homelife Off the Urban Grid [Video]

Today, my guest is Sean Patrick Butler who is General Counsel of Meraki (now part of Cisco). Unlike most of us, Sean eschews the dense urban life of the Bay Area and has chosen to live in Sebastapol -- about 2 hours north of...more

Tae Hea Nahm Talks w/ @HsuUntied About His Transition from Law Firm Partner to Venture Capitalist [Video]

Today, my special guest is Tae Hea Nahm, former partner at Wilson Sonsini and Venture Law Group, and one of the founding Managing Directors at Storm Ventures. Going from a law firm partner to a venture capitalist is not an...more

The Roundup: Last Week’s Recommended Reading (Nov. 14, 2014)

From Around the Web - 9 Career Alternatives for JDs: From life coach to LSAT tutor to cupcake baker, if being a lawyer isn’t in your future, check out these job options. (

7 Questions with Tyler Coulson

The 7 Questions With… interview series will give you an inside glimpse into the lives of various individuals involved in the legal profession, but in very different ways. Today we’re exited to welcome Tyler Coulson, a writer,...more

Hsu Untied with Lawyers Who Box: Part 2, Mitch Zuklie [Video]

Today, my guests are two former colleagues, Mitch Zuklie (from Venture Law Group) and Stephen Kong (from Townsend) who both box as a hobby. Stephen is more of a boxing aficionado and historian while Mitch takes a more...more

Hsu Untied with Lawyers Who Box: Part 1, Stephen Kong [Video]

Today, my guests are two former colleagues, Mitch Zuklie (from Venture Law Group) and Stephen Kong (from Townsend) who both box as a hobby. Stephen is more of a boxing aficionado and historian while Mitch takes a more...more

Client Q&A: Ivor Longo, Coca-Cola Company Counsel, Patents

Q: If you think about your best relationships with outside counsel over time, what are the top three things other lawyers could learn from them? A: 1. Fast response is essential. 2. Outside counsel need to approach...more

What Does Your Personality Test Really Say About Your Career?

We are excited to welcome Kate Mayer Mangan to Trebuchet for a guest post about whether personality tests are an actual indicator of career success, especially for lawyers. Kate is a San Diego-based appellate litigator and...more

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