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Does It Matter Who Files First in a Divorce Proceeding?

As far as the outcome is concerned, it should make no difference which party chooses to file the petition. However, one of the parties is able to control the process, the person filing (known as the Petitioner) is ultimately...more

New Filings Reinforce the Need to Stop Eminent Domain Mortgage Seizure Scheme in Richmond, CA

Materials illustrate the damage the scheme would inflict on millions of savers and retirees and the Richmond and U.S. housing markets - San Francisco, CA – Important new documents were filed today in the lawsuit to...more

I’m Married: Should I File a Joint Bankruptcy with My Spouse?

If you’re married and thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you need to consider whether you and your spouse should file separately or together as a couple. You need to assess your financial situation and then weigh the...more

Fast Track Patent Examination [Video]

Following passage of the America Invents Act, the US Patent Office now provides ways to fast track or accelerate patent examination. In this video, Michael V. Messinger, director at the intellectual property law firm Sterne,...more

"FTC Issues Final Amendments Regarding Withdrawal of HSR Filings"

On June 28, 2013, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) adopted a proposed rulemaking to codify its longstanding informal procedures for voluntarily withdrawing and refiling an HSR filing and, more significantly, to mandate that...more

Creative, But Perhaps Too Creative, Lawyering

U.S. District Judge Rakoff ruled on whether copying legal filings amounts to copyright infringement. His verdict: it does not. Judge Rakoff granted summary judgment to defendants Lexis and Westlaw, dismissing plaintiffs’...more

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