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An Award of Future Medical Damages is Not Automatic

Barry P. Goldberg counsels his clients that an award of future medical damages is not automatic. In fact, future medical expenses must be carefully presented both at the claim stage and in litigation. Not only must the future...more

Quiz on Nevada Work Comp PPD Awards

Test your knowledge of permanent partial disability awards on Nevada workers' compensation claims with the following quiz. I will post the answers next week with explanations. Have fun!...more

The "But For" Causation Test Upheld in Context of Insurance Brokers' Advice: Godina v. Tripemco

Under the Statutory Accident Benefits Scheduled (“SABS”) to the Insurance Act, the standard minimum amount of income replacement benefits is $400.00. As we know, however, additional optional coverage is available under the...more

West Virginia Supreme Court Approves Impairment Tables

Case Report - Gore v. WVOIC and Boone County Parks & Recreation Comm’n, (W.Va. 3/28/2013) - On March 28, 2013, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals issued a decision supporting the ranges of permanent...more

Can My Employer Fire Me After I Have A Received A Workers Compensation Judgment?

A retail worker with a partial permanent disability from a workplace accident applies for a job later in the same company’s warehouse. He’s doing a good job, but when his new boss learns of the workers compensation...more

Termination For Misconduct Does Not Reopen LHWCA Claim, Fifth Circuit Follows Fourth Circuit In Deciding

The Fifth Circuit has followed the Fourth Circuit’s lead in deciding today that an employee’s termination for misconduct will not reopen a disability claim under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (“LHWCA”)....more

Cost Rating Exams Up Again: Get It Right the First Time

Effective February 1, 2013, the Nevada fee schedule that governs health care providers under the Nevada workers' compensation system, raised the PPD (permanent partial disability) reimbursement to $718.96. If the rating...more

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