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Real Estate Tip – When a Title Insurer’s Coverage Isn’t

Frequently, policyholders sue their title insurance companies in order to determine whether a claim is covered and to force the company to pay any loss. Obtaining a court order confirming that a claimed loss is covered may...more

Pest Control In Condo Units

Many of us have had experience with unit owners who refuse to provide access to their unit for pest control. We have dealt with unit owners who raise issues with respect to the type of pesticide that is being used. In...more

Beware: The Failure To Challenge Government Access Modifications To Your Property Can Destroy Its Utility

Access to and from the highway is critical for most every business that depends on consumer traffic or deliveries by large truck. Customer convenience begins with easy entry into and exit from a property. Loss of direct...more

Waterfront Properties

Purchasing a waterfront property is a unique investment; owners may spend relatively little time at their lake-side retreat, but a substantial portion of their income. Although the property is likely to increase in value over...more

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