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Michigan Modifies Foreclosure Sale Redemption Period Property Inspection Provisions

On May 20, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed HB 5277, which, among other things, modifies the state’s procedures for property inspections during the redemption periods of foreclosure sales. The bill requires a purchaser of...more

SEC Money Market Reform

On June 5, the Securities and Exchange Commission proposed major reforms to money market regulations that would significantly alter the way money market funds (MMFs) operate. The proposal sets forth two main alternative...more

Trends in Legal Terms in Venture Financings in Israel 2012

Background — We have analyzed the terms of venture financings for Israeli and Israeli-related technology companies that reported raising money during 2012. Our survey does not include financing rounds of less than US...more

Maximizing The Value Of Your Business For Your Heirs

One of the most difficult issues facing the owner of any successful business is how the business, or the personal wealth that it represents, can be preserved for the benefit of his or her family after death. While it is...more

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