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Argument Report: Illinois Supreme Court Actively Questions Both Sides in Controversial Condo Case

When the Appellate Court's decision came down, the Chicago Tribune called it a "ground-breaking decision that "has stunned the condominium community nationwide." So will the Illinois Supreme Court overturn the Second...more

Special Assessments: Insure Your Risk

If the amounts in a reserve fund are inadequate to meet the expenditures, or if unforeseen circumstances bring forth an unexpected increase in the Corporation’s expenditures, or if the board of directors has simply mismanaged...more

Short Wins - Special Assessment Lawyering And A Remand For The Oral Pronouncement Of A Special Condition Of Supervised Release

There are some dramatic wins in the federal appeals courts. Sometimes an entire conviction is overturned, and it is clear that the person will walk free. Other times, a large and unjust sentence is reversed....more

Unsuccessful Law Suit By Condo Owner

In the case of Harvey v. Elgin Condominium Corporation No. 3 an unhappy condo owner sued the condominium corporation, claiming that the corporation undertook work that constituted a substantial change without proper...more

Special Assessments : The Board Has The Last Word

One of our previous posts stressed the importance for condominium corporations to keep a healthy reserve fund. However, sometimes a board of directors has no choice but to levy a special assessment in order to proceed with...more

Illinois Supreme Court Grants Leave to Appeal Controversial Condominium Decision

May a condominium owner refuse to pay monthly and/or special assessments, in whole or in part, on the grounds that the condominium board had failed to maintain and repair the common elements of the condominium property? In...more

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