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When Work and Faith Collide

When it enacted Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Congress stated a desire to assure individuals additional opportunities to observe religious practices when they conflict with employment. But what does it mean that, short of… more

Tax Evasion in the Age of Bitcoin

The 21st Century could well become known as the “Age of Anonymity”. Why, because of crypto-currencies. Crypto-currency uses blockchain technology which is a fancy way of saying without that without the password it is forever hidden in… more

Pennsylvania Plans New Overtime Rules

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced his administration's plan to update state overtime pay regulations, including a substantial increase in the salary an employee must earn to be exempt from overtime pay under state law… more

Frequency Check: Is Your UAS FCC Compliant?

The past decade has seen a rapid increase in the use of unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS”) (sometimes, though unusually inaccurately, called “drones”). The integration of UASs into the national airspace continues to be an area of major… more

Your Daily Dose of Financial News

A look at Amazon’s newest concept—Amazon Go—a convenience store that opens in Seattle today complete with “shelves of food” found at other stores (including Whole Foods) but with nary a cashier in sight… more

Avoiding The Accidental MEWA

MEWAs, or Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements, are plans that cover the employees of two or more unrelated employers but do not include plans operated by employers under common control or are maintained pursuant to a collective… more

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