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Milwaukee Police Department Will Post Its Standard Operating Procedures Online

The MPD’s Rules and Regulations and the MPD Code of Conduct have historically been posted on the MPD website. For the first time, the MPD’s Standard Operating Procedures, which are guidelines for police operations, will also...more

Amendments to Liquor Control Act Create Safe Harbor For College And University Employees And Students Who Request Police...

On January 1, 2013, certain amendments to Section 6-16 of the Illinois Liquor Control Act of 1934 (the “Act”) will take effect. These amendments may impact the way that institutions of higher education address underage...more

Bank Liability to Non-Customers in a Ponzi Scheme

The morning news reports flashes a report that your customer was actually a Ponzi scheme and defrauded numerous people. Of course, this is terrible news for the innocent victims, but, you ask yourself, could my bank be...more

Addressing Workplace Hazards: Law To Be Clarified By Alberta’s Highest Court

The Alberta Court of Appeal has agreed to hear an employer’s appeal of a judgment of the Court of Queen’s Bench which overturned acquittals, by a Provincial Court judge, of two charges under the Alberta Occupational Health...more

Alabama Could Enforce Stricter Punishment For Drunk Drivers

Traffic safety experts estimate that around 7,000 individuals are killed each year across the nation, including here in Alabama, because of drunk driving accidents. Many of these victims are completely innocent, guilty only...more

Group Claims That Milwaukee Police Misconduct Has Cost City $14 Million

In response to a request from the United States Department of Justice ("DOJ") for citizen input as to whether the DOJ should conduct an investigation into a possible pattern and practice of Milwaukee Police Department ("MPD")...more

Medical Examiner In Derek Williams Case Resigns

As previously reported on this website, Derek Williams died in Milwaukee Police Department ("MPD") custody back in July 2011. Initially, Milwaukee County assistant medical examiner Christopher Poulus ruled that Mr. Williams...more

Milwaukee County Executive May Veto New Medical Examiner Legislation

Following the death of Derek Williams in Milwaukee Police Department ("MPD") custody, the Milwaukee County Board passed new legislation which contains new requirements for the Milwaukee County medical examiner when a person...more

School Zone Speed Limits

Illinois law has long had a law regarding speed limits in school zones. The law requires motor vehicles to operate, on a school day when children are present, at a speed of no more than 20 miles per hour while passing through...more

Milwaukee Fire And Police Commission Considers New Use-Of-Force Policies

In recent years, there have been several high profile incidents where Milwaukee Police Department ("MPD") officers have used unreasonable and excessive force against citizens. Perhaps the most famous incident was the beating...more

Milwaukee County Board Considers Changes Following Derek Williams’ Death As Police Chief Admits That Officers Made Mistakes

Back in July 2011, Derek Williams died in Milwaukee Police Department ("MPD") custody. After the release of a disturbing video which shows Mr. Williams in the back of an MPD squad car struggling to breathe and begging police...more

Directors’ Liability for Safety: Not just Small-Company Directors are at Risk in Ontario

In an unusual development, a director of a medium-sized company has been personally found guilty and fined under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The company’s Internet site states that its field personnel include a...more

Bar Owners Facing Wrongful Act Manslaughter Charges after Employee’s Wrong-Way Accident on Highway 401

Companies and their owners are increasingly considering the risk of criminal safety-related charges and fines. We have recently reported on the criminal fine against Metron Construction under the Bill C-45 amendments to...more

Pay Attention to This! Distracted Driving in Ontario

Most Ontario drivers are now well aware of the fact that it is illegal to use hand-held devices will driving. Since October 26, 2009, this new law has been in force. The “cell phone while driving ban” was introduced through...more

Criminal Prosecutor Appeals $200,000 fine in Metron Construction Quadruple Fatality Case

The Toronto Star is reporting that Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General has appealed a judge’s decision that imposed a $200,000 fine against Metron Construction in the 2009 scaffold collapse in which four workers...more

$200,000 Criminal Safety Fine for Company, $90,000 OHSA Fine for Director in Deaths of 4 Workers

We recently reported that Metron Construction had pleaded guilty to criminal negligence in respect of the Christmas Eve 2009 deaths of four workers who fell 13 floors when a suspended work platform collapsed. On Friday,...more

With holiday here, drunk boating is timely topic in Alabama

Independence Day just isn't the holiday it's meant to be for some unless boating is involved. The summers get hot, and hitting the water with an ice cold drink can be just the perfect solution to a sweaty day. Drunk boating,...more

Employers Who Have Nothing Nice to Say Should Say Nothing at All

With high unemployment rates comes increased demand on human resource departments to provide employee references. Even though many employers increasingly shield themselves from providing insight into the former employment...more

IRS Losing Fight Against Tax Return Fraud?

Is the IRS winning the battle against tax return fraud? Hardly. Tampa is the city that holds the dubious distinction of having one of the country’s highest incidences of tax return fraud. It is estimated that from Tampa alone...more

Primary Seat Belt Study Shows Reduction in Fatalities

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) has announced the release of a study showing there were 68 fewer deaths and 320 fewer serious injuries between 2009 and 2011 as a result of the primary seat belt law. The law,...more

Investigating Sexual Assault Claims - Even Private Colleges Are Vulnerable

A recent Tennessee federal jury case involving a private university reminds the academy of the critical need to balance fairly the interests of the accused and accuser in investigating sexual assault cases. While private...more

Judge Awards $1.7 Million in EPA Malicious Prosecution Case

On September 30, 2011, the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana ordered the United States to pay $1.7 million in a malicious prosecution lawsuit to Hubert Vidrine, based on findings that the U.S....more

Weekly Law Resume - September 15, 2011: Qualified Immunity Does Not Apply Where Officer Mistakenly Pulls Gun Instead of Taser

Maria Torres, et al. v. City of Madera, et al. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (August 22, 2011) This case is an important progression in stun-gun-related police liability law, establishing how mistaken-draw cases should...more

New Laws Seek to Reduce Illinois Automobile Accidents and Injuries

In recent months, two new laws were passed in Illinois, both of which are intended to make Illinois roads safer. First, on June 27th, Governor Pat Quinn signed a a bill that requires everyone in a car to wear a seat...more

Liability for Transmission of HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Washington

In July 2010, the White House published an ambitious strategy to “undertake a more coordinated national response to the HIV [human immunodeficiency virus] epidemic.” While public concern on the issue has waned in recent...more

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