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2014 Hot Topics - What to Watch for in the New Year

As we wave goodbye to 2013 and welcome in 2014, here are a few of the issues we are tracking that could have a material impact on your business....more

US China Trade War – Reagan Predicted It, Trade, Customs, 337/Patents, US China Antitrust, And Securities

There have been some major developments in the trade, Customs, patents, US/Chinese antitrust, and securities areas. In looking at the first posts I wrote on my blog, they were relatively short, but with the US litigation...more

Issues and Complexities: Evaluating an MLP at 4 Key Points in the IPO Process

Understanding what and when decisions need to be made can help companies ensure a smooth MLP IPO process. The number of master limited partnerships (MLPs) has grown significantly over the past five years, increasing...more

Marvel Prevails in Copyright Termination Case: Famous artist Jack Kirby found to have created his comic drawings as a “work made...

In what can fairly be interpreted as a favorable decision for any business whose success depends upon copyrighted intellectual property, on August 8, 2013, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals issued its decision in Marvel...more

SEC Changes Position on Use of Social Media for Company Announcements

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently made headlines when it issued a press release announcing that it was OK to use social media to disseminate company news. Under the SEC’s new social media position,...more

BLG Monthly Update for January 2013

Pot-smoking teens, ownership of e-mail, insider trading on false info -- all this and more in the BLG Monthly Update for January 2013!...more

Microsoft Court Holds Right to Replicate Software Is an Intangible Property Right for Purposes of California’s Sales Factor...

Earlier this week, the California Court of Appeal, First District, held that the right to replicate and install software is an intangible property right for sales-factor sourcing purposes. Thus, for the years at issue, the...more

BLG Monthly Update for November 2012

The colour purple, a tire fire, fake wine, the usual neat contracts cases: all this and more in the BLG Monthly Update for November....more

The FCPA Guidance: An Exploration of ‘Corruptly’ and ‘Willfully’

Today I wanted to begin to look at the Department of Justice (DOJ) “A Resource Guide to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act” (the “Guidance”), which was released last week and available (at no cost) here. Initially I...more

Global Innovation for Your Compliance Program

One of the areas where the best practices for Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) compliance programs is evolving is in the area a less US centric approach and incorporating the diversity across the globe. Many companies are...more

What is Your Magic Number? Creation, Implementation and Administration of a Hotline

For the Astros, it is not this season’s ignominious record of 107 losses, which they achieved yesterday with a season ending loss to the Chicago Cubs, but the magic number of 186; which is the number of days until the...more

Russian Law Update -- August 2012

In This Issue: *Introduction *Reform of the Russian Civil Code: Changes in Legal Entities *Russia’s Accession to the WTO *Arbitration of Disputes in Russia: Recent Developments *Shareholders’ Agreements:...more

Legal Considerations for Proprietary Traders Participating in a Lift-Out

As a result of the Volcker Rule's restrictions on the proprietary trading activities of Wall Street’s biggest banks, many traders at such proprietary trading desks are departing for better opportunities at investment...more

Jesse Owens and Hanson Wade’s FCPA in the Supply Chain Conference

Next month, Hanson Wade is putting on a conference in Houston which may be worthy of such a record. It is the “Oil and Gas Supply Chain Compliance” conference and the list of speakers is simply stunning. It...more

Henry IV and Adequate Procedures

As a father, I have come to appreciate Shakespeare’s Henry IV more and more; particularly more than I did when I was only a son. Part of the play deals with how Henry IV got his crown, by deposing Richard II and the...more

The Gun Sting Case Defeats and What it means For FCPA Enforcement? Absolutely Nothing!

In a stunning rebuke of the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) trial strategy, all defendants in the second group of Gun Sting defendants walked out of the federal courthouse, still free. Two defendants were acquitted and...more

CR&B Alert - Commercial Restructuring and Bankruptcy News - September 2011, Issue 3

In this Issue: CRAB Bites – Bad Boy Guaranties; CR&B Alert Case Update – Seventh Circuit Upholds Lenders’ Credit Bidding Rights in River Road Decision; Shareholders Permitted to Retain Ownership Under ‘New Value Exception’ to...more

End of the Annual Compliance and Ethics Training Flea Dip

In an article in the July/August edition of the ACC Docket entitled “Rethinking the Annual Compliance and Ethics Flea Dip”, author James Nortz discusses the annual compliance and ethics training program that most...more

The FCPA, Financial Institutions and a Rude Awakening

As reported in today’s FCPA Blog, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating “whether bank and private equity firms violated the [FCPA] in their...more

Why Busines People Get Frustrated With Lawyers

Why do business people get frustrated with lawyers? Because lawyers often do not understand their business strategy and management issues. As a result, corporate and intellectual property lawyers are unable to integrated...more

Israel Practice Group News - Fall 2008

Israel Practice Group News Fall 2008 Morrison & Foerster continues to lead international law firms in representing Israeli companies in mergers & acquisitions, public offerings, intellectual property protection,...more

InBrief Fall 2008

In This Issue LAW NOTES highlight a number of current issues: In the employment context, failure to acknowledge one’s mistakes is discussed as grounds for dismissal, and two other NOTES look at the likely rise in the cost...more

Contract Considerations in sales of Business Contracts

Issues to look at and consider when drafting and negotiating contracts for the sale of business...more

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