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Africa Update - July 2014 #2

In This Issue: - Leading the News - United States – Africa Relations - North Africa - East Africa - West Africa - Sub-Saharan Africa - General Africa News - Excerpt from...more

Causa Vto Cuerpo de Ejercito

Audiencia 22/11/11 por la tarde

Audiencia dia 22/11/11 por la tarde - Causa Vto Cuerpo de Ejercito - Bahia Blanca...more

An Unjust Law Is No Law At All

This is my first Article that was published after I became the Editor-in-Chief of the Pillar for Thomas M. Cooley Law School's Auburn Hill Campus....more

Overview of the story in my book "Command Influence" The Politics of Injustice

My book: "Command Influence",The Politics of Injustice can now be purchased on Amazon Kindle eBooks for $9.95. See my website ; for Information about the book.The soft cover is now being printed and will...more

"Enhanced Interrogation Methods": How legal memoranda manipulated Federal and International laws prohibiting torture and coercion.

In the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, executive branch lawyers acting as legal council for the President issued several memoranda which interpreted various laws prohibiting torture or "cruel, inhuman, and degrading...more

Availability of Habeas Corpus relief for military detainees

Over the past decade, Congress has presented new challenges to the right to habeas review of military and civilian judicial proceedings, and the judiciary has continued its efforts to protect the right of the individual...more

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