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Collaborative Divorce Act Passes Senate

In a follow up story to one of our earlier blogs, New Jersey’s Collaborative Law Act passed the Senate unanimously on June 26, 2014. New Jersey will be the eighth state to have enacted collaborative divorce legislation once...more

Collaborative Divorce: A Peaceful and Less Expensive Alternative to Litigation

On Thursday, June 5, 2014, a collaborative divorce bill, which would allow couples to resolve their divorces through legal counsel trained in collaborative methods instead of traditional in-court litigation, was passed by the...more

Texas Supreme Court Opinions and Orders (5/14)

No. 12-0983, McAllen Hospitals, LP v. State Farm County Mutual Insurance Company of Texas - The Court addressed some of the mechanics of Hospital Lien Statute (Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code chapter 55). State Farm...more

Show Me the Money! Are You Required to Prove How You Spend Child Support Payments?

Recently, Grammy Award winning rapper Clifford Harris—better known as T.I.—was back in court, but in a turn of events he wasn’t battling his usual criminal charges, instead, Mr. Harris appeared in family court to contest his...more

How to Prepare for Mediation

Mediation is a voluntary process in which the parties jointly select a neutral third party facilitator to help reach resolution of all or some of the issues in their divorce proceeding....more

Avoid Financially and Emotionally Draining Litigation with Mediation

Mediation is one of several Complementary Dispute Resolution Programs governed by New Jersey Court Rule 1:40. Mediation provides the parties in a family law matter with the opportunity to resolve their issues in a structured...more

New Mediation Law in UK Geared to Divorcing Couples

Despite the efforts of a group of 6,500 mediators and millions of pounds spent by the government on advertising and diversion efforts, divorce mediation languished in Great Britain. The London Times reported that “only half...more

What You Need to Consider When Negotiating a Divorce Agreement

In some situations, matters need to be settled in court, but the vast majority of divorces in California are resolved through a mutual agreement between the parties. Ideally, these agreements are formed through...more

The Mediation Process

Why choose mediation? If you and your spouse are approaching divorce, you may be wondering how to avoid the contentious disputes that often mar whatever good memories exist of a relationship. The traditional divorce...more

Preparing for Your Mediation

Divorce mediation is like anything else: the better prepared you are going in, the better the outcome will be when you’re done. What follows are some important issues to remember about mediation so you can feel better about...more

New York Divorce Mediation with Companion and Farm Animals

This article discusses the unique challenge surrounding the personal worth of animals — both companion and farm — at divorce, and offers pointers to divorce mediators who face these issues, which can complicate even the...more

Data Shows that Mediated Divorces Benefit Children

Mediated divorces have been growing in popularity — and for good reason. They are cost-effective, less stressful and enable divorcing couples to exert much more control over decisions such as property division. Plus, the...more

Parenting Plan Mediation Helps Kids

Discussion about parenting plan mediation generally focuses on the people at the table – the parents. Those parents who reach agreement express satisfaction. They save time and money by avoiding further action in court. They...more

Can Mediation Work for Your Divorce?

Mediation is not for everybody. But the truth is, mediation works well — often better than a traditional litigated divorce — for many couples seeking a dissolution of marriage....more

What Are My Options in a Divorce Besides Going to Court?

The problems in family law are as old as civilization. (Ask Ann Boleyn about it.) The solutions remain difficult. A courtroom may be the worst place to resolve a custody dispute. It is also rarely the best place to...more

Back to School and Back to Court, Litigating your Divorce and Custody Matter

Every September brings excitement for thousands of children leaving the house for the first time and attending school and for those going back to school. The little yellow bus turning the corner also brings excitement and...more

The Supreme Court’s Marriage Decisions Sets the Stage; As Disputes Arise, so Does Opportunity for ADR

Recently the United States Supreme Court issued long anticipated rulings in the first marriage cases to reach the high court – United States v. Windsor and Hollingsworth v. Perry. ...more

Same Sex Prenuptial Agreements

Massachusetts is one of twelve of states, along with the District of Columbia, which recognize same-sex marriage. Since 2004, same sex couples have had the right to marry in Massachusetts. Like their opposite-sex...more

Potential Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a process of resolving disputes by engaging a neutral third party who acts as a facilitator, assisting the divorcing spouses in reaching an agreement....more

The Mediated Prenuptial Agreement: A Happy Beginning

When we think of a wedding, we typically think about a joyous time - not about lawyers, meetings and arguments. Yet for many people, their wedding does involve these elements because they have chosen to enter a “prenuptial...more

Minimizing the Financial and Emotional Pain of Divorce

A divorce proceeding can be emotionally and financially draining to both parties. The key to minimizing the pain of divorce is to keep the emotional components in check and to focus on the financial aspects of the case by...more

Is An Alternative To Traditional Divorce Right For You?

When David Arquette and Courteney Cox announced their plans to divorce this past June, we learned a few important things that indicated that this is an amicable split. David, who as of this writing is representing himself, is...more

Working Towards an Amicable Resolution

Mediation is one of several Complementary Dispute Resolution Programs governed by New Jersey Court Rule 1:40. This Court Rule is set forth in its entirety on our Judiciary’s website at The...more

Tips for Managing Family Conflict During Holiday Gatherings

A useful list of suggestions for avoiding and neutralizing family conflict during holiday gatherings, roughly framed in terms of the general principles of interest based negotiation....more

New Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act: When Can I Modify My Alimony Obligation

Under the new Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act which became effective on March 1, 2013, there are new and specific standards and guidelines upon which a spouse may file a complaint for modification to decrease or increase...more

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