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Can The FDA Do That?

A little like one of those peanut-shaped asteroids, today’s post cobbles together a couple of recent developments that, other than having relevance to the FDA, do not have all that much in common....more

TUPE: Service Provision Change - Do we need this provision?

Under the previous 1981 Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 1981 (TUPE) and the EU Acquired Rights Directive (ARD) it was not clear whether the definition of a relevant transfer caught...more

July 2012: European Litigation Update: European Patent System Is in for Fundamental Changes

Adopting the European Patent Convention (EPC) and establishing the European Patent Office (EPO) – thereby allowing for a single application for a “European patent” (which is more precisely a bundle of national patents which...more

Iran-Related Investment Bill Clears Committee

On May 2, 2012, the California Assembly Insurance Committee approved a bill that would direct the insurance commissioner to treat a domestic insurer’s investment in a company that has business operations in Iran as a...more

Federal Circuit Clarifies Appealable Subject Matter from the ITC

The Federal Circuit recently clarified the scope of review that the Court affords appeals from the International Trade Commission (ITC). In General Electric Co. v. U.S. Int’l Trade Comm'n, No. 2010-1223 (Fed. Cir. Feb. 29,...more

A vueltas con el Caso del Tribunal Aribitral du Sport, sobre Alberto Contador

Articulo publicado por primera vez en el portal de la Fundación Globalon, de Alicante, anticipando el futuro del Caso sobre Alberto Contador, luego de la sentencia del Tribunal Arbitral du Sport, que despertó la atención de...more

INTERPOL and Dowry Violation Charges

A great example of INTERPOL's adherence to its own rules is that of its refusal to assist in the extradition of persons accused of violating dowery law. INTERPOL's rules require that a Red Notice be issued with an eye towards...more

International HR Best Practices Tips: Spring 2011

In This Issue: - Tip #1: Auditing Human Resources Compliance Globally - Tip #2: Globally Aligning Collective Bargaining Strategy Excerpt from Tip #1 Challenge: Multinationals' efforts to conduct global...more

Changes in Czech parental and other family contributions or benefits for Czech citizens abroad.

The Czech employment agencies were long ago warned by the European Commission and other Member States that they interpreted the term "residence" to broad. This would lead to abuse of the whole social system. (Czech nationals...more

Uitleg wijziging in Tsjechische ouderschaps en andere familie uitkeringen of bijdragen

De Tsjechische arbeidsbureaus werden al een tijdje geleden gewaarschuwd door de Europese Commissie en door de andere lidstaten dat ze de term “woonplaats” te breed interpreteren. Dit zou tot misbruik van het gehele sociale...more

Drake & Scull International LLC vs. Ed. Zublin AG

Statement of Claim before the International Chamber of Commerce

Statement of Claim in regard to a contract dispute between a Contractor existing under the laws of Germany and a sub-contractor registered under the laws of the UAE....more


The primary purpose with this dissertation is to examine whether certain aspects of EC air transport regulation violate the traditional legal system under the Chicago Convention. An additional purpose is to consider some...more

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