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Infographic: The Use Of Images From The Web On Your Site, Newspaper Or Broadcast

We created this infographic for some of our media clients to give them a one-page cheat sheet on the analysis they need to do when trying to decide whether they can use an image from the internet in a pinch....more

Ceding the Stage – Lessons in Leadership

I’ve been engaged in a lively discussion with other legal marketers in which two topics I love, basketball and leadership, have come together nicely. You don’t have to be a basketball fan, or even a sports fan, to benefit...more

New Lawyers Need to Understand the Business of Law to Succeed in Private Practice

A position in a law firm not only requires performing well for the attorneys you are working for and ultimately the clients, but understanding and embracing the business of law....more

Guidelines for Negotiating Online Advertising Arrangements

Businesses with advertising needs have long looked to advertising agencies or other outside service providers to assist with their marketing and promotion efforts. This outsourcing model has not changed with the emergence of...more

PeopleLinx Social Business Roundtable: Insights from Morgan Stanley, Prudential, Dell, JDSupra, and More [Video]

How do big corporations in B2B industries really look at social business? To answer that question, PeopleLinx convened top marketers and digital strategists for an intimate Social Business Roundtable. Companies represented...more

“We work in a city!” – Is that all you got?

Does your website home page still have a skyline? Is that the best you can say about yourself and your law firm? Is that what makes your firm unique?...more

More potential clients will call than click

When measuring the success of search engine marketing, many law firms look at the leads emailed to them from their website. But, though lawyers may notice an increase in cases, they often come via a very limited number of...more

The “Smiling Lawyers” Trap

Smiling lawyers – the new cliché. In the past few years, firms have gradually migrated away from the historic clichés, the gavels, globes, skylines, handshakes, columns and many others. And those have been filled with...more

Database Marketing Outsourcing

Database marketing outsourcing is a strategic transaction for retailers. This type of outsourcing can facilitate the integration of diverse marketing channels (e.g., web, social media, catalog and in-store sales) and enable...more

JDB 033: 5 Tips to Creating an Online Marketing Plan for the New Solo Law Practice

The questions I get most often center around how to create an online marketing plan for those attorneys looking to start their own solo law firm. Starting your own law practice can produce a lot of anxiety. However, by...more

Legal Business Development: 10 Tips To Turbo-Charge Your Charisma

Charisma. Webster defines it as: a special magnetic charm or appeal. Some think you either have it or you don’t. I believe it’s a skill you can hone, because it’s more about how we treat people than anything else. Inc...more

Is a Virtual Assistant Right for Your Law Firm?

“The best way for lawyers to leverage the work of a virtual assistant is in the area of marketing.” I see a disturbing number of lawyers who struggle with spending time and money on marketing their firm. Either they...more

How a Lawyer Can Start a Successful LinkedIn Group (Part 1 of 3)

While much has been written about how lawyers can have successful blogs, including two recent articles by us at Knapp (see Law Blog Best Practices and Five Ways Lawyers Screw up their Blogs), the truth is that some lawyers...more

Legal Business Development: Whose Responsibility Is It Anyway?

The past few years have been difficult in the legal profession, and many lawyers have been given the mandate to build their book of business… and FAST. Some lawyers got into action and started learning best practices and...more

Rainmaker Q&A: Bilzin Sumberg's Stan Price

Since his early career as an assistant county attorney for Miami-Dade County, Stanley B. Price, partner with Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod LLP, has worked in the forefront of Florida land use law. Q: How did you...more

7 Ways to Enhance Your Local Search Marketing Efforts

With the release of Penguin 2.0 in May, Google made it apparent that, among other things, a business’s location would play a little more heavily in search results. You may have noticed over the last few months that businesses...more

The A.R.T of Franchising Advice - Reminders - Tips - July 2013

National Franchise Expansion – Minimizing Risks - Many of my clients have implemented national expansion plans. By doing so, they have certainly increased their pool of prospective franchisees. However, expansion that...more

Give people multiple ways to find your law firm's website

A report released by Forrester Research showing more people than ever are using social media to find websites has been garnering a lot of attention among marketers. For lovers of social networks, the data confirms what they...more

JDB 031: Video Equipment for Marketing Your Law Practice

I have been vowing to add a video element to my marketing, particularly on my website, for some time now, so I recently purchased some video equipment that I have had a chance to try out. In today’s episode of the JDBlogger...more

What’s the Best Website Design for Lawyers?

I’m so fed up with lawyers investing thousands and thousands of dollars in websites that simply suck. So I decided to work with one of our Family Business Lawyers directly on the re-design and launch of his website....more

Here’s a Problem Every Marketer Has Experienced. And a Proven Solution.

It’s a common situation in every marketing department. You have a great piece of content, you email it to all employees and ask them to share it on LinkedIn, and then…what happens next? Once it leaves your hands you’re pretty...more

But, What About the Legal Implications of Color Selections in Brand Strategy?

Yesterday Thomson Dawson of the Blake Project published an interesting blog post on the Branding Strategy Insider called “The Importance of Color in Branding Strategy.” It is an important read for both marketing types and...more

Brandaide® does not equal Band-Aid®

Choosing a great brand name that is strong and protectable is not always easy. But then what happens when you decide to protect that brand by filing for a trademark registration, and someone tries to stop you?...more

Get to Know Mr. C, But Where Are His Eyes?

Earlier this year Tiffany and I had a chance to learn about Procter & Gamble’s creative efforts in bringing Mr. Clean to life at the FUSE Conference in Chicago....more

JDB 029: Youtility with Jay Baer – A Review

Back in January of this year I attended the New Media Expo (NMX) in Las Vegas. During this three day event I heard a lot of great speakers, but one stood out from the crowd – Jay Baer....more

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