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“I’m Not an Expert, but I Think…” The Challenge of Client Pitches.

In this brilliant one-minute clip, Mad Men captures precisely how Pitch Meetings can go tragically wrong, in any industry or organization. And this definitely including law and professional-services firms. ...more

How an Outsider’s Presence Affects the Attorney-Client Privilege

On more than one occasion, an in-house counsel has been summoned to a strategy meeting about a potential or ongoing dispute, and when he arrives, he finds an outside accountant already seated in the conference room ready to...more

Best Practices in Periodic Reviews of Participant Directed Retirement Plans

Among the duties of a retirement plan fiduciary is the duty to monitor the administration of the plan and to assure that policies and procedures are in place to minimize the risk of errors and deficiencies. While monitoring...more

How do I get through my first client meeting?

Everyone’s first meeting is weird. In fact, the first dozen meetings feel stilted and strange, and that’s because you care. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be nervous. You’re rehearsing to get your verbal system down tight....more

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