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Juveniles Records Expunged

Juveniles are now able to get their records expunged because of the new “Clean Slate” law. The new law will now expunge the arrests records of many teens with minor offenses....more

Juvenile Court Schools, Reporting Allegations of Misconduct Against Certificated School Employees, and Bidding Practices under the...

KMTG will be issuing a series of updates on new legislation signed by Governor Brown. All laws became effective January 1, 2014, unless otherwise stated. Juvenile Court Schools—AB 631 - AB 631 amends Education...more

Do Juveniles Get Fair Treatment In The Ohio Juvenile Justice System?

Some court reforms encourage rehabilitation, but Miranda rights administration must be improved - The Ohio Juvenile Courts handle offenses ranging from mild mischief to more significant charges, such as robbery,...more

Juvenile Delinquency: How To Mount Your Child’s Defense

It’s every responsible parent’s nightmare to have a child charged with a criminal offense. But certain parts of the culture actually glorify those young people who commit crimes....more

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status: Making Children Priority One

In any context, abuse and abandonment is a heartbreaking experience for the children and families it affects. While therapy and psychological treatment may help begin to heal the wounds abuse leaves behind, undocumented...more

Charging Juvenile Offenders In Adult Court

Kiera Wilmot was a model student by all accounts. Following a fellow high school student’s directions, she mixed some cleaning chemicals with aluminum foil, expecting nothing more than some smoke in what Kiera characterized...more

Juvenile Crimes & Your Right To Be Heard — Or Not

When a person under the age of 18 commits a crime they are usually treated as a minor and dealt with in the juvenile court system. ...more

New Jersey Appeals Court: Juveniles are Entitled to a Hearing before they are Forced to Serve their Sentence in Adult Prison

In New Jersey’s juvenile court system, family court judges are invested with a great deal of discretion about what to do with juveniles who are adjudicated delinquent for committing acts that would constitute crimes had they...more

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