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Assessing Your Organization’s Exposure to Discrimination and Retaliation Claims Made by Subcontractors and Others

Employers may be liable for discrimination under the federal laws for claims made by non-employees. Consider an organization which subcontracts certain types of work to be performed by the employees of a staffing agency. This...more

Are Unpaid Interns Handy Helpers or a Source of Liability?

Summer is fast approaching and along with the dog days of pool time, family vacations, and outdoor activities, comes summer break for students. For many companies, this means an influx of potential interns anxious to learn...more

Handling Complaints of Harassment Made Against Non-Employees

As we have previously noted, employers often wonder what to do when an employee makes a harassment complaint, but the alleged harasser is not another employee. The employer cannot simply do nothing, but it also generally does...more

Second Circuit Adopts EEOC’s Rule On Harassment By A Nonemployee

In a recent opinion, the Second Circuit adopted the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (“EEOC”) rule imputing employer liability when a worker reports harassment by a nonemployee. The case, Summa v. Hofstra Univ., 2013...more

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