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That’s Not The Way We’ve Always Done It! (Why You Should Update Your Office Practices)

Anyone recognize the photo to the left? If you are of the Millennial generation, this is a quaint thing called a public pay phone. They used to be everywhere. Imagine, not having a cell phone to keep you in constant...more

Health Alert (Australia) - August 12 2013

In This Issue: - Judgments - Legislation - Reports - Excerpt from Reports: 8 August 2013 - Health alert as measles case detected. Serious transfusion incident report 2009-11. Western...more

Milwaukee Police Department Adds New Procedures To Improve Crime Reporting And Reduce Racial Profiling

As previously reported on this Blog here, an investigation by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel revealed a history of under-reporting crimes within the Milwaukee Police Department (“MPD”). Now, MPD Chief Ed Flynn announced a new...more

Milwaukee Police Department Will Post Its Standard Operating Procedures Online

The MPD’s Rules and Regulations and the MPD Code of Conduct have historically been posted on the MPD website. For the first time, the MPD’s Standard Operating Procedures, which are guidelines for police operations, will also...more

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