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Illinois Supreme Court: Withholding Notice Invalid Without Strict Compliance With Statute

This morning, a unanimous Illinois Supreme Court handed down its opinion in Schultz v. Performance Lighting, Inc. Schultz presented a question relating to domestic relations and child support cases: is a notice to withhold...more

Same Sex Couples Should Check On Their Wage Withholding And Estimated Tax Payments Now

A downside to the IRS’ recognition of same sex marriages is that such couples must file in 2013 as married – they can file jointly or or as married filing separately. This means they may now suffer higher income taxes due to...more

White Collar Watch - June 2013

In This Issue: - Tools of the Trade: BP Case Shows Advantage of Pretrial Motions - Increased cGMP Enforcement has Gone International: South Korean Action Against Johnson & Johnson Serves as Warning - DoD...more

Does The Income Withholding for Support Act Require Strict Compliance?

Our preview of newly petitions for leave to appeal allowed by the Illinois Supreme Court in the closing days of the just-ended May term continues with Schultz v. Performance Lighting, Inc., a decision from the Second...more

Proposed New York Bill Increases Penalties for Wage Withholding

In January 2013, Democratic Assemblywoman, Annette Robinson, introduced a bill that would allow employees who are underpaid to recover up to twice the amount of wages due in liquidated damages and to seek such damages through...more

Proposed Legislation in New Jersey Targets Minimum Wage and Wage Withholding

On Monday, December 17, 2012, the New Jersey Assembly approved separate legislation addressing (1) increases in the state’s minimum wage and (2) stricter enforcement against employers who withhold employee wages or benefits. ...more

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