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Ninth Circuit Holds Employees Are Not Required To Allege a Request for “Suitable Seats” For Their Claims to Proceed

Last week in Green v. Bank of America Corp., No. 11.56365 (9th Cir. Feb. 13, 2012), the Ninth Circuit held that “suitable seats” lawsuits cannot be dismissed at the pleading stage based on an employee’s failure to allege that...more

California’s Wage Orders: Landmines and Goldmines

Originally published in the Orange County Lawyer magazine - June issue, Vol. 54 No. 6 (pages 12-13). All California employers must comply with a multitude of wage and hour laws that go well beyond setting minimum wages...more

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Compensatory Time Off and Makeup Time, but Were Afraid to Ask

“Compensatory time off ” and “makeup time” are concepts often invoked as convenient methods to address the needs of both the employer and the employee. Indeed, numerous California employers permit compensatory time off and...more

Employee Was Not Entitled To “Reporting Time Pay” For Attending Scheduled Meeting Or “Split Shift” Pay Because He Earned More Than...

An employee who attended scheduled meetings and worked at least half of the scheduled time was not entitled to receive “reporting time pay” and he also was not entitled to additional compensation for “split shift” pay when he...more

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