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A Consequence of Curious Cursive TM Script

Let’s suppose you’ve been asked to search and clear the name of a bar, without seeing the design mark in the upper right and lower left hand corners of the photo below (from a recent trip to Boston)...more

Choosing A Trademark That Won’t Buy You A Lawsuit

In my last blog post for i-Sight, we discussed choosing a trademark for your company’s new product that lets you walk and chew gum at the same time, releasing millions of uncoordinated people from the embarrassment of having...more

Trademarks 101 PART 5 — Avoiding Mistakes in the Trademark Process by Assessing the Likelihood of Confusion

So, startups and entrepreneurs, you think your trademark situation is totally cool because you conducted a full trademark search, right? Wrong. Well, at least not necessarily…...more

Trademarks 101 PART 3: Avoiding Common Mistakes – Preliminary Searches

We’ve been discussing common mistakes small businesses and entrepreneurs make when dealing with their brand, mark or image. Last week we discussed that one common mistake is that people fail to properly conduct a...more

Trademarks 101: Avoiding Common Mistakes PART 2

In addition to consulting an attorney who specializes in trademark law, startup companies and entrepreneuers can avoid other common mistakes when it comes to safeguarding their brand or image by conducting a proper trademark...more

The Ska / DuClaw Trademark Dispute Over EUPHORIA, Trademark Lessons for the Craft Brewer [Video]

In this video, McNees Intellectual Property attorney, Brian Gregg explains the basic steps every craft brewer should take to develop strong, protectable, trademarks and to avoid costly trademark disputes. The craft beer...more

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