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Litigation News -- April 2013

As a plaintiff, you often roam a long and weary road before you achieve your ultimate litigation goal: a judgment against a defendant. Now that you have your prize, what do you do with it? With any luck, the defendant...more

Eleventh Circuit Holds Fair Debt Collections Act Requires That District Court Adjudicate Any Contested Ownership Interests In...

In addition to the criminal penalties which stem from a fraud based convictions, a court may also order a convicted defendant to pay restitution. “The purpose of restitution . . . , however, is not to punish the defendant,...more

The Eleventh Circuit Discusses When The Government Can Take Your Wife's Stuff To Make Resitution For A Crime You Committed

When a person is convicted of a federal crime, especially in a fraud case, but in lots of other kinds of federal criminal cases too, the district court sometimes also orders that the person pay restitution....more

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