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Spokeo Seeks Supreme Court Round II

The Spokeo standing saga, which began in 2010, continues with a second cert petition to the Supreme Court. The case began when plaintiff filed a putative class action, alleging that defendant Spokeo violated the Fair Credit Reporting… more

Kyiv Environment Newsletter - January 2018

We would like to draw your attention to the following fact: Commencing 1 January 2018, the payers of environmental tax should apply the respective tax rates increased by 11.2 percent when determining the environmental tax liabilities… more

Mark Twain On Insider Trading

Roughing It is Samuel L. Clemens' highly engaging account of his time vagabondizing in Nevada, California and Hawaii. The book contains a great deal of information about "the rise, growth and culmination of the silver-mining fever in… more

Changes in the subsoil licensing in Uzbekistan

In accordance with Presidential Decree dated 17.01.2018, “On Measures for the Stable Provision of the Economy of the Country with the Required Types of Products and Raw Materials,” the procedure for issuing licenses for subsoil use… more

Corporate News – January 2018

A monthly newsletter covering topics of interest in the field of UK corporate law including mergers and acquisitions, listed companies, equity capital markets, corporate governance and general company law… more

To be safe, read those trust statements

In light of some troubling news that a third party administrator (TPA) was shut down by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for possible theft of plan assets, there is one pro-active step you should take as a plan sponsor and… more

Allergan Sales, LLC v. Sandoz. Inc.

Case Name: Allergan Sales, LLC v. Sandoz. Inc., Nos. 2017-1499, 2017-1500, 2017-1558, 2017-1559, 2017 U.S. App. LEXIS 26312 (Fed. Cir. Dec. 22, 2017) (Circuit Judges Moore, Mayer, and Hughes presiding; Opinion by Hughes, J.) (Appeal… more

Craft Beer Branding

In one of the more absurd episodes of bureaucratic overreach, craft brewer Stalwart Brewing Company ran into a regulatory headache when the LCBO raised concerns about the regulatory prohibition on health claims related to Stalwart’s… more

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