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Celebrity SLAPP’d in Los Angeles: Lawsuit arising from American Idol Negotiations Reinstated

California has an anti-SLAPP law that protects defendants from lawsuits brought to chill their First Amendment rights. When the anti-SLAPP law applies, a defendant can obtain a fast dismissal at the early stage of the...more

Factors That Go Into Television Network Contracts

Factors That Go Into Television Network Contracts by Anthony Caruso on August 19, 2013 Many sports analysts are watching the ascent of Fox Sports 1 as it makes multi-year television network contracts with several sports...more

Bill Maher Prevails Over Donald Trump Lawsuit By Sitting and Waiting for the Donald to Figure Out to Drop It Himself

In February, I wrote about a particularly fake-haired boneheaded lawsuit that Donald Trump brought against comedian Bill Maher. As you may recall, Trump accused Maher of breach of contract based on a joke that Maher had made...more

IP/Entertainment Law Weekly Case Update For Motion Picture Studios And Television Networks - August 17, 2011

Table of Contents: •Doe v. Gangland Productions, Inc., et al. •Goldberg v. Cameron •Mattel, Inc. v. MGA Entertainment, Inc. Doe v. Gangland Productions, Inc., et al., USDC C.D. California, August 1,...more

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