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Mandatory Pilot Obesity/Sleep Apnea Screening: New FAA Policy Thumbs Its Nose at New Federal Commercial Driver Transportation Law

On November 20, 2013, Fred Tilton, the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Federal Air Surgeon, announced a New Obstructive Sleep Apnea Policy1 (Policy) the FAA will be "releasing shortly." Under the Policy, aviation...more

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Alert: September 2013

In This Issue: Pennsylvania’s Appellate Court Concludes Lifetime CDL Disqualification Was Proper and NLRB's New Ruling Could Spell Trouble in Harassment Investigations Excerpt from Pennsylvania’s Appellate...more

Are You Ready for the New Hours-of-Service Regulations for Drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles?

As of July 1, 2013, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Hours-of-Service Regulations relating to drivers of a commercial motor vehicle (“CMV”) are changing. These changes require some significant advance...more

How Do Emergency Declarations Affect Driver Regulations?

As people across the United States watch a hurricane, severe snow storm or tornado unfold on their televisions, they may not think about the relief efforts involved in the aftermath of such natural disasters. The President...more

Ban on Hand-Held Cell Phone Use for Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers—What Employers Should Know

As the number of smartphones sold in the United States and worldwide overtakes sales of so-called ordinary cells phones, more Americans are using these devices while driving....more

Congress Passes New Transportation Funding Bill

MAP-21 has been signed into law. The U.S Congress passed the immense new transportation bill that mandates many new provisions affecting motor carrier safety. One of the most important provisions being that all interstate bus...more

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