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California Supreme Court: Undocumented Worker May Recover Lost Wages for Period Up to Employer’s Discovery of Immigration Status

Salas v. Sierra Chemical Co., S196568 (June 26, 2014): On June 26, the California Supreme Court issued a decision holding that federal immigration law does not preempt a California law that extends state law protections to...more

Wrongful Discharge In California: A longer commute may mean that the new job doesn’t mitigate damages

Most California employers (and their counsel) likely believe that an employee who obtained new employment in the same business at a higher salary with a promotion that required similar skills would have obtained employment...more

Staffing Company Pays Fine and Lost Wages for I-9 Violation

Kelly Services, Inc., a Michigan staffing company, recently reached a settlement with the Department of Justice for discrimination related I-9 violations. The violations occurred when the company terminated an individual’s...more

What Money Damages Are Available In A Personal Injury Claim? [Video]

If you were a law student taking the bar exam the correct answer would be: - The injured person is entitled to be put back into the position he was in before the injury occurred to the extent that can be done with...more

NLRB: Employer Responsible For Backpay Of Union Representative Allegedly Injured During Workplace Assault

The NLRB has ruled that an employer is liable to lost wages for a union representative who allegedly suffered injuries "after being pushed down a flight of stairs at a work site. The case is Norquay Construction, Inc., 359...more

Illegal Workers Can Recover Lost Wages for Texas Tort Claims

A recent decision from the Fifth District Court of Appeals in Dallas held that federal immigration laws do not preclude illegal workers from recovering damages, including lost wages, for Texas tort claims. ...more

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